Whirlow What?

Whirlow Wheelers?  Who the h*!! are they?

A bunch of cyclists from Sheffield.  Or perhaps more accurately, a bunch of has-beens, might-have-beens, might-still-be-agains (if we could be a***d) and never-had-a-hopes who decided it would be good to enjoy our cycling (gasp!) instead of tearing up and down the A1 with numbers stuck to our nether regions.

Mind you, if Huffy ever gets to the front we might as well still be on the A1.  But mostly we trundle around the lanes of Derbyshire (and Nottinghamshire and occasionally even Yorkshire) hopping from cafe to cafe and enjoying the sunshine on the way.  Sometimes we have to enjoy wind and rain too which is a lot harder than belting out a 59 minute '25' on the A1.

So where does it all happen?

Mostly it happens on a Sunday morning while decent folk are in bed with the Telegraph magazine (or whatever).  9:00am at Calver (the lay-by next to the school/church/pub), some ride there and some (sharp intake of breath) drive there (aagghh).

Then it's out into Derbyshire to where ever das RunsFuhrer has commanded us to go (or not depending on his sense of direction on the day), and by whatever tortuous route he's devised to inflict pain on the fat lads.  Along the way we'll stop to fix young Peter's not so young bike, put John (The Stuntman) back on his, and do what they did on the wall - the one hidden by the fog on the Tyne - several times if it's cold!

Mid week

Although they aren't really Whirlow club runs, some of us meet at Hathersage (near the station) on Wednesday and Friday afternoons at 1:15pm. More here.

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Please note...

When Whirlow Wheelers was formed it was with the intention of keeping it small and friendly so we have a cap on numbers. Currently the club is almost full - just a couple of places left. Send a message (above) to the club secretary if you're as committed to cycling (?) as we are and want to know more.