Club Runs & Other Events

Sunday Runs

Regular Sunday club runs start at 9:00am at Calver - the lay-by next to the school/church/pub. Runs list for the next few weeks below...

23 Sep 18: Tideswell

Doubtless the long way round with many long and invigorating climbs on the way.

30 Sep 18: Youlgreave

Roger... THERE IS STILL NO CAFE AT YOULGREAVE! Maybe Molly Moo's at Middleton?

07 Oct 18: Langold - start: Barlboro, 9:00am

Tea stop at Langold cafe

14 Oct 18: Hulme End

Cafe stop at the old station. Start at Calver, 9:00am as usual.

21 Oct 18: Rushup Edge - No Car Cafe

Anyone suffering from vertigo should bring a sick note.

28 Oct 18: Tideswell

The many long and sweaty 'ills along the way will probably be cold and windy too by now.

04 Nov 18: Buxton - Pavillion Cafe

We did this in November last year too - and only just made it before the snow set in for winter! In any case start at Calver, 9:00am.

11 Nov 18: Tideswell

Just in case you missed it last month.

18 Nov 18: Edale, Butlers or Coopers?

Straight there and 2 hours in a nice warm cafe - or not as the case may/will be. Meet Calver, 9:00am as usual.

25 Nov 18: Eyam

Meet at Calver, 9:00am. Now Eyam isn't far from Calver - tho it probably is the way we'll be going!

02 Dec 18: Cromford

Cromford Mill Cafe and then back up that big 'ill from Lea Bridge up to (for those that make it) Beeley Moor.

09 Dec 18: Hathersage
meet Hathersage 9:00am

Ride-out Christmas lunch. WAGs and non-riders welcome too. Numbers to Huffy pls.

16 Dec 18: Tidza

(That's Tideswell to them as int from round 'ere.) There are many ways to Tidza and all of them involve hills!

23 Dec 18: Ashford in the Water

More likely Ashford in the ice by now!

30 Dec 18: TBA

Where's that then?

31 Dec 18: ????

Somebody remind Mike to upload some more club runs.

[Download current runs list]

This is the 2018 Jan-Jul list, it's a PDF file - if you don't already have it you need Adobe Reader

Other Events

09 Dec 18: Ride-out Christmas Lunch

Ride-out Christmas 'Nosherama' starting and finishing at Hathersage and probably taking in Cooper's Cafe at Edale along the way. Contact 'uffy with numbers for lunch by Friday 16/11 latest.

10 Dec 18: Nuffin else

This probably means the b*****s are all out training!

Mid-week Runs

Wednesday afternoon at 1:15pm (ish)

Midweek run starts out from Hathersage Station and generally rides up the Derwent Valley to Kings Tree and back.  After a gentle start along the Hope Valley, expect to be hammered up Bamford and allowed not a moment's respite all the way to Kings Tree at the top end of the Howden Reservoir.  The return journey is more of the same only this time gravity is on the side of the fat boys - hehe!!

Tea and buns in the Pool Cafe afterwards.

Friday afternoon at 1:15pm (ish)

This run also starts from Hathersage Station and rides sedately along the Hope Valley and Edale to Barber Booth and back.  The shenanigans typically start on the way back down Edale when somebody (not mentioning any names - tho rhyming slang might be 'rough') inevitably decides to jump away going down that little hollow past the barn and then it's eyeballs out all the way back to Hope.  The last stretch back into Hathersage is where the rest of us get our own back on the Edale trouble-makers - or try at least!

More tea and buns in the Pool Cafe afterwards.