A rogues gallery of Whirlow Wheelers in... er... action? Rare events captured for posterity or possibly for blackmail...

Petit Depart, 2018

Victoria and PB took what they described as 'a gentle pootle' round North Yorkshire. They must have been feeling very fit to smile like that while going uphill!

Petit Depart 2018


Secret Training

Those of you with long memories (or the patience to scroll all the way to the bottom of this page) may remember a photo-call for evidence of the secret training activities of one Hampton, B. Well, at last, we have it, courtesey of Google Street View...

Secret training ride

Check out the original here... [link].


Mallorca Bunch Sprint, 2018

This bunch of renegades appears to have been caught outside a bar rather than on their bikes - which probably sums up the week! Weather looks nice tho.

Mallorca 2018


PB at the Lincoln GP, 2017

Not 'personal best' but Peter Billington in the Lincoln GP Sportive - on Michaelgate after 98 miles (so he says).

Lincoln GP Sportive 2017

We know the red face is just a colour cast from the jersey, Peter. You'd have looked a much more relaxed yellow and green colour in a Whirlow jersey!


A time trial at Hatfield, 2016

...or so we're told.

Flat out at Hatfield

We never see Gordon's face quite this shade of red on club runs so maybe he really was trying. A big 'well done' for that - and watch out for that pump in yer spokes!


Le Petit Depart, 1st June 2014

A number of brave souls entered this 80 mile sportive taking in part o't'1st stage o't'Tour in t'Yorkshire Dales. Some even turned up and started and all who did so finished. Well done to all - even those disqualified from the intra-club event for not riding in uniform!

Below are the times of our riders...

Sportive Ride, 80m
PosnNameStart TimeElapsed TimeAvg Speed
108 / 431Rick Harper8:08:23 *5:27:0922.38km/hr
109Mike Teare8:08:19 *5:27:1322.37km/hr
117Ray Stocker8:08:205:29:2122.23km/hr
218Andy Wallace8:08:236:02:2920.20km/hr
292Eric Carroll8:49:516:29:2218.80km/hr
293Neil Pritchard8:49:496:29:2318.80km/hr
294Gordon Wordsworth8:49:496:29:2318.80km/hr
295Paul Hough8:49:446:29:2718.80km/hr
369Victoria Hufton8:08:256:55:0217.64km/hr
Recreational Ride, 33m
294 / 336Jeanette Teare9:07:134:13:1911.85km/hr
Le Petit Depart - first group at the start

Whirlows get underway. * Note the relative positions of Harper R and Teare M, giving lie to the timing from the official result above. Clear evidence the that time-keeperz wuz got-at!

Le Petit Depart - first group underway

No photographs till I've sucked me gut in if you don't mind!

Le Petit Depart - last group lining up

Rider briefing - 'this is not a race' - hah hah! (Note the lack of more starters behind - this lot were so busy eating breakfast they nearly missed the start!)

Le Petit Depart - last group underway

A breakaway forms right from the off - determined to beat the cut-off time.

Le Petit Depart - women and children's ride

Whirlows were also represented in the women, children and gret lumps event, where prizes were awarded for not falling off before the first roundabout.

Le Petit Depart - Kidstones climb

Action on the Kidstones climb. The smiles turned back to grimaces once past the camera!

Official event pics available at Check out albums: Le Petit Grand Dep 2, 9 & 10 and Le Petit Grand Depart Recreation Ride 2 and look for the Whirlow jerseys. We're the ones that look like spring flowers!


Monsal Hill Climb 2013 

Monsal Hill Climb 2013 Monsal Hill Climb 2013

Two Whirlow jerseys were seen on the Monsal Hill Climb this year: Liz Bullivant (above left) and Nik Holloway (above right). Naturally us blokes were there to cheer them on. (Well you can't expect US to ride a hill climb FGS.)

In fact one 'us blokes' DID ride but in Shefrec colours. Alan Holloway (right) will definitely have to mend his own punctures from now on!

The times that mattered...

Alan Holloway   1:51.1
Liz Bullivant   2.11.1
Nik Holloway   3:31.7
and for comparison - the winner...
Jack Pullar (Madison Genesis) 1:19.9

So despite the Whirlow onslaught Malcolm Elliot's 1:14 record still stands!


Helmet Hair? 

Helmet hair

We may not be the equal of the pros on the bike but when the lids come off we're up there with the best. From the furrows in his brow as well as his hair Vinokourov clearly spent a lot longer 'under the drier' than our own intrepid style guru!


King of the Mountains? 

Big Bazza Challis on Mam Nick

Il Challisimo Scarpe Rosse, or 'Big Red Riding Shoes' in action over Mam Nick in a recent sportive. The term, it's rumoured, refers to the riders' chances of making it home with legs and lungs intact. (Inset: Il Challisimo in the days when he could really climb - tho we only have his word this is actually him on the bike!)


A day in the life...

club run start at Calver

A recent club run start at Calver. Note the two poseurs in the foreground... the only time either has been seen at the front for years!


High Peak Road Race 2012 

Here's a major change of direction for WW with a member not only being ALLOWED to race but, rumour has it, being coerced into it - possibly by the threat of he and Nikki having to mend their own punctures in future if he didn't!

A racing Whirlow - whatever next!

What's this...

Back view - a number on a Whirlow shirt!!

...a number on a Whirlow jersey???

Crossing the finish line

Crossing the finish line (and no, it wasn't staged!)

Post race photo session.

The ambulance was there in case any of the older members had a funny turn.


And now a little history...

Paul Hough

Here's a thing... a photograph of Huffy out of the saddle and going for it at Blythe Nornay roundabout. We're not sure of the exact date but the original wet collodion negative would put it at around the time of the American Civil War. Photo supplied by an anonymous club member (who wishes to remain anonymous for his own safety).


Roy Hobson

Roy Hobson, our oldest member, who sadly died in September 2017, pictured in the Doncaster-Cleethorpes event before he joined Whirlow Wheelers and riding in the strip of the Scala, once the club of Tom Simpson.

Roy, a sub hour 25 miler, had to abandon riding some years ago due to ill health, but always supported our club social events usually helped by his daughter Dawn or his youngest son Nathan. He is most famously remembered by those of us who were in the Sheffield Don Wheelers for organising a 120 mile training ride in February to Edwinstowe Via Gunthorpe Bridge. Leicester, Melton Mowbray, Grantham and Newark. It started snowing in Grantham and most of us were 18 or younger, but with Roy there you always knew you would get back, alive or dead. A great guy and a classy rider.


Call for photos...

What we're looking for now are some spycam or traffic CCTV shots of Hampton, B. out on a secret training run. We all know it happens and don't believe his stories of a super fit doppel-ganger, we just need the proof.