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Testing times

A big 'well done' to Gordon Wordsworth. His time trialling efforts resulted in 1:00:26 at Hatfield yesterday. Keep it up Gordon - only 27 seconds to go!

More tri-ing success

Our champion tri-athletes, Liz Bullivant and Al Churcher have scored yet again: both taking silver in their categories at the European Tri-champs in Lisbon. This makes the second Euro silver for each - massive congrats to both of you!

Whirlow's champion triathlete strikes again

Liz Bullivant has done it again - after getting silver in the European Triathlon Championships recently she's repeated the performance at the Worlds in Chicago. Well done Liz! (Who says we're the least competitive club in Sheffield!)

Whirlow Triathletes

It seems that both Liz Bullivant and Al Churcher got silver in their respective age groups in the sprint event at the European Triathlon Champs in Geneva. Well done both of you!

15th March - Is it Spring?

There was a ray of sunshine on today's ride. Maybe spring is almost here and we can breathe a sigh of relief that the winter bike has lasted another year and can soon be hung up to rust in peace till October - or till next week anyway!

Winter has arrived!

That means it's time to get your mudguards and flaps on. Anyone caught flapless on a ride will be officially cursed and obliged to do everyone's washing!

Hathersage Road Closure

Main Road in Hathersage will be closed from 15th to 28th September between School Lane and Baulk Lane - that's the bit around the chicane at the top of the road.

Le Petit Depart

A bunch of intrepid riders entered a sportive covering part of the TdF stage 1 route through the Yorkshire Dales. Results and piccies here.

Howden ride

There's talk of a ride starting from Howden, wherever that is, on SATURDAY 12th April. Mutterings of vague interest to Huffy pls.

Whirlow Women Conquer Monsal

Two (and a half) Whirlow riders took part in this year's Monsal Hill Climb. Photos here, results when somebody lets me know!

Flagg to close!

Shock, horror! Flagg tea room will close its doors for the last time on Sunday 1st September. We'll have to find somewhere else to sit and steam gently and warm our feet!

Older news

Triathlon Champ

Not actually a club member but often out with us during the week, Alec Horn recently came 2nd in his age group in the National Triathlon champs in Liverpool. This qualifies him for a place in 'the Worlds' in London in September. Well done Alec!

High Peak Road Race Pics

Photos from the 2013 High Peak Road Race are available here.

Another funny thing...

After a gruelling grovel up hill (Harpur) and up dale (Kirk) das Runs Fuhrer sent us all up the Axe Edge road to Leek. It's unclear whether this was deliberate bloody mindedness or he was just lost again but the result was the same and he was re-christened several times in the next 2 miles. Payback time came shortly after the cafe stop when he tried to ride up a 30% gradient, on loose dirt, in the big ring, and got his nice clean shorts and top all muddy. Everyone rushed to his aid of course with sympathetic shouts of 'hee hee', 'mind yer **se, yer in me way'.

A funny thing happened

on the way to the Whirlow Wheelers' forum! We now have an online forum where club members can engage in the witty repartee we usually reserve for the cafe. The best bit is that you don't have to go out into the cold and wet on your bike to take part!

Winter Jackets

After only 14 months of waiting the winter jackets have finally arrived! Will those who ordered one form a shivering queue at La Bicicleta.

Racing Whirlows

Well - racing Whirlow - there was only one! Someone managed to coerce Alan into entering the High Peak Road Race. The silly boy not only turned up but actually finished the race! Photographic evidence here.

Whirlow's new clothes

Hopefuly a little more effective than the emperor's but we're getting some new clothes - same as the old clothes but if you want anything please let the Bull know as soon as poss. For some reason he want's to be paid up front too!


Anxious to gain the advantages of full membership (on - road advice on changing inner tubes is only given once subs are paid)JOHN BARLOW, resident in Dore has joined the club. John has been riding with us Fridays and Sundays on his Celeste Bianchi for some weeks. Already dominating the Easy Riders section Jon is now considering applying to the Fairbrother half - wheeling school for intensive coaching. Great to see you John!

Recession Defied!!

Sheffield's cycling community, well known for it's Aberdonian spending habits is reeling from the news that two of WW's officlals have invested in new shiny carbon framed steeds! The bikes will appear if winter ever finishes, one has a name that tells of a long walk, the other completes the statement "---- no further". Difficult we know but time spent working it out saves training. The names of the two members are not revealed, just in case their wives have internet access...

Paternal Spannermen Sought

We understand that two of WWs finest daughters are seeking adoption by competent bike mechanics. 95 year old millionaires preferred!

Whirlow Wheelers Website

The event of the decade - the launch of our new website!  You always wanted to know what www stood for - now you know - Whirlow Wheelers' Website.