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22 May: Wetton, Village Hall Tea Room

An 'epic' route via Tissington and Ilam - perhaps.
Start: 9:00am from ///Calver, Route: [RWGPS].

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Cycling Clubs in Sheffield

Why join one?

This is a question often asked halfway up a big 'ill, or indeed halfway down it!  "Why, oh WHY did I do this?"  If it's not the burning pain of the climb it's the abject terror of the descent.  But of course you can't give in, especially if there's a cafe stop ahead.  No, it's not the prospect of last man in buys the teacakes.  (We're too tight for that anyway.)  It's the just the 'last man in' bit that's the problem when you're with a bunch of posers like this lot!

Cycling In Sheffield or Insanity?

Welcome to the Sheffield cycling club with a difference... we don't race.  We could race.  Some of us have raced and even, very occasionally, failed to do the honourable thing and come last.  But now we don't.  We talk about it a lot (a LOT!) but the penalty for time trialling is a pump in the spokes when you're not looking!  No, we don't race.

We don't race to the 30mph sign before every cafe stop.  We don't race to the top of every flaming hill in Derbyshire.  And we certainly don't race the top of Froggatt on the way home - when everyone's knackered and just wants a hot shower - oh no - not us - not ever.  Well... maybe just occasionally... once a week perhaps!


So if you're seriously fit and want to go charging up and down the A1 with a number on your backside, don't come looking for help here.  Try the Ratlanders or the Pee-Knicks.  But if you're already out to grass and prepared to slow down a bit once in a while to let the rest of us look good, then come in and have look round.

cycling club in sheffield - assault on the col d'ornon

on the col d'Ornon, August 2013

cycling club in sheffield - whirlow wheelers

we worked hard for this!

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