Whirlow What?

Whirlow Wheelers?  Who the h*!! are they?

A bunch of cyclists from Sheffield.  Or perhaps more accurately, a bunch of has-beens, might-have-beens, might-still-be-agains (if we could be a***d) and never-had-a-hopes who decided it would be good to enjoy our cycling (gasp!) instead of tearing up and down the A1 with numbers stuck to our nether regions.*

Mind you, if certain members ever get to the front we might as well still be on the A1.  But mostly we trundle around the lanes of Derbyshire (and Nottinghamshire and occasionally even Yorkshire) hopping from cafe to cafe and enjoying the sunshine on the way.  Sometimes we have to enjoy wind and rain too which is a lot harder than belting out a 59 minute '25' on the A1.

* If you don't remember time trials on the A1 you're probably too young and fit for us!

Cafe stops are what it's all about
Never mind the route, where's the tea stop?


We can be serious - occasionally - honest.  You may have noticed by now that Whirlow Wheelers is not a club for aspiring World Tour riders or Olympic hopefuls.  We're a bunch of gentlemen of a certain age (?) and a few ladies (of all ages - tho one doesn't ask) who enjoy road cycling, good crack, and of course coffee and cake.  There is no truth to the rumour that we have someone's butler following us around in the support car.  You fix your own punctures here!

The club was founded with the intention of keeping it small and friendly and not cluttering up the road with a vast peloton.  We have an almost full membership list  but there is currently room for a couple more so if we sound like your kind of club, and you fancy riding around Derbyshire dressed like a spring flower,  then please get in touch.

You can get an idea of what our club runs are like on the clubs runs page and see a few of our favourite cafes on (surprisingly) the cafes page.

We're affiliated to Cycling UK with all that entails.  (That's a good thing!)  Check out our CUK page here.

We'll go a long way to find the right cafe - Coves de Campanet, Mallorca

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Next club run

28 Jul 2024: Hollinsclough

Calver, Bakewell, Hartington, Sheen. Return E’Sterndale, Sheldon.
Start: 9:00am, Calver [///]
Café: Chapel T Room
Route: 45m/4500ft, [MAP]
Ride guide: Gordon

[More club runs]

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