Club rides from the past year

Looking for inspiration for a ride? Check out the list below to remind yourself where we've been over the last few months. Map links *should* still be available - but it's not guaranteed.

3 Dec 2023: How many times can we cross the M18?

A back-lane meander further north than usual, taking in Firbeck, Stainton, Old Edlington and Slade Hooton. Back via Letwell, Woodsetts, both Anstons and Kiveton.
Here's an alternative route on gritted roads.
Start: 9:30am Barlboro [///] , Café: Leger Lakes
Route: 47m/2548ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Mike

26 Nov 2023: Manystones Lane

Updated route on gritted roads: out via Beeley, Grangemill & Middleton. Back over Eastmoor.
Start: 9:30am Top of Froggatt [///] , Café: NSC or Cromford Mill
Route: 48m/3371ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Pete

19 Nov 2023: Hollinsclough

Out via Ashford, Over Haddon & Crowdicote. Return via Earl Sterndale, Chelmorton & Great Longstone.
Start: 9:30am Calver [///] , Café: Chapel Tearoom
Route: 43m/3700ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Gordon

12 Nov 2023: Kath's via Ogston

Out via Owler Bar, Barlow, Eastmoor and Ogston. Back over Eastmoor and Baslow Road.
Start: 9:30am Top of Froggatt [///] , Café: Kath's, Tansley
Route: 44m/2926ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Andy

5 Nov 2023: Edwinstowe

Out thru Clowne, Elmton, Clumber Park, Bothamsall, Milton, Tuxford, Laxton and Rufford. Back via Meden Vale and Nether Langwith
Start: 9:30am Barlboro [///] , Café: Edwinstowe
Route: 51m/2186ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Mike

3 Nov 2023: Millington Pastures from Howden

Friday ride from Howden.
Start: 9:30am Howden [///] , Café: Wolds Village, Bainton
Route: 68m/2180ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Ray

29 Oct 2023: Hartington

Out via Taddington & Brund. Return via Parsley Hay & Middleton by Youlgreave
Start: 9:00am Calver [///] , Café: Hartington Farm Shop
Route: 47m/3875ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Mike

22 Oct 2023: Hollinsclough

Out via Eyam, Millersdale, Earl Sterndale and Flash. Return via Longnor, Monyash and '13 Bends'.
Start: 9:00am Calver [///] , Café: Mystery new cafe
Route: 46m/3907ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Gordon

15 Oct 2023: Carsington Water

Out via Hassop, Youlgreave, Pikehall & Bradbourne, back via Brassington (!), Longcliffe & Chatsworth.
Start: 9:00am Calver [///] , Café: Carsington Visitor Ctr
Route: 44m/3250ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Andy

8 Oct 2023: Torworth Grange

Out via Thorpe Salvin, ShireOaks & Firbeck. Return via Babworth & Clumber Park.
Start: 9:00am Barlboro [///] , Café: Torworth Grange
Route: 50m/1874ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Andy

1 Oct 2023: Own arrangements

The rest of us are in Mallorca - yeh hey!

24 Sep 2023: Lea Gardens

A new cafe near Lea Bridge & Dethick. Out by Eastmoor and Ashover, back via Slack and Uppertown with a few 'diversions' along the way!
Start: 9:00am Owler Bar [///] , Café: TBA
Route: 48m/3820ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Paul

22 Sep 2023: Millington from Howden

Friday ride to Middleton & Millington from Howden.
Start: 9:30am Howden [///] , Café: Ramblers Rest, Millington
Route: 57m/2000ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Pete

17 Sep 2023: Ogston

Over Eastmoor, down to Ogston reservoir, back up to Crich and a cafe in Holloway that we've not visited for yonks. Back over Eastmoor.
Since Pete is not available to guide us can anyone with a gps device please download the route.
Start: 9:00am Top of Froggatt [///] , Café: The Chase, Upper Holloway
Route: 48m/3140ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Pete (in absentia)

10 Sep 2023: Hulme End

Via Cromford, Via-Gellia, Newhaven & Biggin. Back via Longnor & Monyash
Start: 9:00am Calver [///] , Café: Hulme End Station
Route: 51m/3450ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Andy

20 Aug 2023: Dunford Bridge

via the Old Salt Road
Start: 9:00am Malin Bridge [///] , Café: Langsett?
Route: 47m/3890ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Pete

13 Aug 2023: Tissington the other way

A trip south to Herberts tea Room at Tissington and back via Longcliffe and Elton (NOT Brassington!) NB. Date may change depending on weather forecast.
Start: 9:00am Calver [///] , Café: Herberts Tea Room
Route: 49m/3980ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Mike

11 Aug 2023: Thixendale from Howden

Friday ride to Thixendale & Millington from Howden.
Start: 9:30am Howden [///] , Café: Ramblers Rest, Millington
Route: 64m/2130ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Pete

6 Aug 2023: Torworth Grange

Out via Clumber Park & Clarborough, return via Styrrup, Firbeck & South Anston.
Start: 9:00am Barlboro [///] , Café: Torworth Grange
Route: 61m/2430ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Mike & Andy

30 Jul 2023: National Scone Center

Out via Youlgreave and Manystones Lane, Return via Dethick and Beeley Moor.
Start: 9:00am Calver [///] , Café: Blue Lagoon at NSC
Route: 42m/3720ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Mike

23 Jul 2023: Not Ilam

In view of the dire weather forecast for this weekend we'll postpone the Ilam ride and go somewhere a bit nearer - maybe Hartington or the Cow Shed. Or maybe nowhere at all!
Start: 9:00am Calver [///]
Ride guide: Gordon

16 Jul 2023: Brierlow Bar

Out via Buxton with a hint of Axe Edge, and some 'interesting bits' on the way back.
Start: 9:00am Calver [///] , Café: High Peak Bookstore
Route: 48m/3830ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Paul

9 Jul 2023: Wetton

Out via Elton & Parwich, back thru the Manifold Valley. According to their Facebook page, the tearoom is open again. Hopefully it will be 3rd time lucky!
Start: 9:00am Calver [///] , Café: Wetton Village Hall (Cash Only)
Route: 48m/4100ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Mike

2 Jul 2023: The Yurt at Everton

Via Clumber & Sutton cum Lound. Back via Styrrup & Woodsetts. Ride guide: Mike.
Start: 9:00am Barlboro [///] , Café: So Good It Yurts
Route: 51m/2090ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Mike

25 Jun 2023: Own arrangements

The usual suspects are on an Audax ride today so anyone not doing 'The Mad, the bad... ' can do their own thing or join the oldies at Calver.
Start: 9:00am Calver [///]

23 Jun 2023: Friday ride from Howden

Gettting lost on different roads... via Faxfleet and South Dalton, lunch at Hutton Cranswick and back via Huggate and Laytham.
Start: 9:30am Howden [///] , Café: Hutton Cranswick Gdn Ctr
Route: 69m/2100ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Ray

18 Jun 2023: Cromford

Out via Ashford, Bakewell & Bonsall. Back via Dethick and not quite the usual route over Darley Moor to Eastmoor
Start: 9:00am Calver [///] , Café: Cromford Mill
Route: 48m/3590ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Paul

11 Jun 2023: Goyt Valley

Out via Peak Forest, Chapel and Windgather Rocks. Back via Longnor and Millersdale.
Start: 9:00am Hathersage [///] , Café: Flash Bar
Route: 52m/4850ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Pete

4 Jun 2023: Edwinstowe

Out thru Clumber, Walesby, Milton & Tuxford. Back via Rufford & Meden Vale.
Start: 9:00am Barlboro [///] , Café: Sherwood Forest Cafe
Route: 52m/2190ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Mike

28 May 2023: Cromford

Out via Youlgreave, Elton and Manystones Lane. Back via Dethick and Eastmoor
Start: 9:00am Calver [///] , Café: Cromford Mill
Route: 52m/3950ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Andy

26 May 2023: Friday ride to South Wheatley

A visit to a cafe found on a recent Audax ride - but it's closed on Sundays so we'll go there on a Friday.
Start: 9:30am Barlboro [///] , Café: Leys Bakery, South Wheatley
Route: 58m/2300ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Pete

21 May 2023: Oop North

Out via Wharncliffeside, Penistone & Ingbirchworth. Back via Langsett & Low Bradfield.
Start: 9:00am Malin Bridge [///] , Café: Magic Wood Cafe
Route: 43m/3600ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Pete

14 May 2023: Joint ride with 'oldies'

Most of the usual suspects are doing a 100km Audax the day before so there is no organised club run. Non-Audaxers are welcome to join the oldies at Calver and try to keep up with the motorbikes.
Start: 9:00am Calver [///]

7 May 2023: Reliability Run

Up and down the Trent from Blyth. This is supposed to be a non-stop 60 miler but somehow it never is.
Start: 9:00am Blythe [///] , Café: None. Bring butties!
Route: 58m/1320ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Mike

30 Apr 2023: Another Circuit of Chesterfield

A different loop around Chesterfield, via Staveley and Palterton. Back via Shirland and Beeley Moor.
Start: 9:00am Owler Bar [///] , Café: Teversal Visitor Center
Route: 42m/2724ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Andy

23 Apr 2023: Via Gelia

Out thru Chatsworth, the gated road, via Gelia, Parwich & Biggin. Back via Monyash & Hassop.
Start: 9:00am Calver [///] , Café: Hartington or Tagg Lane
Route: 47m/3460ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Mike

16 Apr 2023: Chinley

Via Peak Forest, Rushup & Wash (ropes and crampons needed). Back via Doveholes & Tideswell.
Start: 9:00am Hathersage [///]
Route: 40m/3580ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Gordon

9 Apr 2023: Cow Shed

Easter Sunday. Out thru Chatsworth and Picory Corner then up to Elton, Biggin, Monyash & Taddington. Back via Tideswell & Eyam.
Start: 9:00am Calver [///] , Café: Cow Shed Farm Cafe
Route: 44m/3360ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Mike

2 Apr 2023: Torworth Grange

Out via Clumber Park & Lound, return via Oldcotes & South Anston.
Start: 9:00am Barlboro [///] , Café: Torworth Grange
Route: 50m/1830ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Andy

26 Mar 2023: Circuit of Chesterfield

A loop around Chesterfield, via Holmesfield, Apperknowle, Staveley, Ault Hucknall and back over Beeley Moor.
Start: 9:00am Owler Bar [///] , Café: Stretton Farm Shop
Route: 42m/2724ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Andy

19 Mar 2023: Hartington

A winter warmer with plenty of climbing: via Hassop, Monyash and Longnor, returning via Youlgreave and Bakewell.
Start: 9:00am Calver [///] , Café: Hartington Farm Shop
Route: 40m/3230ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Mike

5 Mar 2023: Circuit of Worksop

A clockwise loop around Worksop (keeping a safe distance) and stopping at Carburton for tea and buns.
Start: 9:00am Barlboro [///] , Café: Carburton
Route: 52m/2150ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Mike

26 Feb 2023: Ambergate

Lot's of warming up and down with a goodly blast along the A6 too.
Start: 9:30am Calver [///] , Café: Bridge House
Route: 43m/3460ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Gordon

19 Feb 2023: Buxton

Out via Eyam, Smalldale, Combs (but NOT the dreaded Lesser Lane) and Long Hill. Back via Brierlow Bar and Sheldon.
Start: 9:30am Calver [///] , Café: The Tradesman's Entrance
Route: 45m/3690ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Pete

12 Feb 2023: Carsington Water

Out via Youlgreave, Elton & Bradbourne, back via Brassington (!), Longcliffe & Winster.
Start: 9:30am Calver [///] , Café: Carsington Visitor Ctr
Route: 43m/3390ft, [MAP], Ride guide: Paul

5 Feb 2023: Pleasley Circular

A different take on the Barlboro ride - via Marsh Lane, Staveley and Hardwick. Return via Langwith, Cuckney and Whitwell. Ride guide: Paul
Start: 9:30am Barlboro [///] , Café: Pleasley: Cakefield tea room
Route: 44m/2650ft, [MAP],

15 Jan 2023: Tagg Lane

Via Elton and Biggin. Ride guide: Gordon
Start: 9:30am Calver [///] , Café: Tagg Lane
Route: 44m/2780ft, [MAP],

8 Jan 2023: Oop North

Ingbirchworth, Bolsterstone and the Bradfields, but NOT Ewden Bank! Ride guide: Pete
Start: 9:30am Malin Bridge [///] , Café: Windmill Cafe
Route: 52m/5120ft, [MAP],

2 Jan 2023: Cromford

NB. MONDAY RIDE. Out via Ogston. Back via Dethick & Beeley Moor Ride guide: Pete
Start: 9:30am Top of Froggatt [///] , Café: Cromford Mill
Route: 49m/3200ft, [MAP],

27 Dec 2022: Ride off the turkey ride

Two options today: a hilly version via Taddington (see map link below), and an easy version [MAP] via the Monsal trail. Ride guide: Pete
Start: 9:30am Calver [///] , Café: Cowshed cafe nr Tideswell
Route: 34m/2690ft, [MAP],

18 Dec 2022: Ride-out Christmas Lunch

Two options today: a hilly version [MAP] via Taddington and an easy version [MAP] via the Monsal trail. Both reach Hathersage Pool Cafe around 1:45 for 2:00pm. Ride guide: Pete
Start: 9:30am Calver [///] , Café: Hathersage Pool

11 Dec 2022: Buxton

A pleasant meander via Crowdecote and Axe Edge with, surprisingly, only one climb at more than 10%! Ride guide: Ray
Start: 9:30am Calver [///] , Café: Buxton Pavilion
Route: 44m/3850ft, [MAP],

Scheduled rides for the next few weeks can be found here.

Next club run

10 Dec 2023: Holmfirth

Out via Don Valley Trail, Penistone & Dunford Bridge. Back via Millhouse Green, Strines & Low Bradfield.
NB. Please let Pete know if you're coming on this as we need to book the cafe in advance.
Start: 9:30am, Malin Bridge [///]
Café: Carding Shed
Route: 50m/4439ft, [MAP]
Ride guide: Pete

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